Welcome to Csar Tours India

My name is Beaty Grove :  I live in New Zealand but was born and brought up in India - and spend at least the main tourist season there each year, based in Delhi when not travelling.   My family lived in Gujarat but I went to school in the hills in S. India – getting from home to school involved a journey of 48 hrs and 10 minutes by train! In 1988 I introduced my New Zealand husband to India. He loved it and spoke so highly of it on our return that people said they would like to go – but not on their own! So we started taking groups, on a casual basis from 1992, and I have continued to do this on my own since my husband's untimely death, making it a full time business in 2002 and formalising the company in 2004, since when business has just kept growing - mainly through the recommendations of people who have used my services.  I can arrange the trip YOU want  - towns not usually on the tourist track, a village school, some tribal villages, people’s homes.

You can contact me by

  • calling 021 2868 666 (New Zealand mobile):  if I do not answer please send a text message with your number as often international numbers only show as a code on this phone, meaning I can't call you back
  • emailing csartours@xtra.co.nz  
  • or phoning me in India on 0091 987 100 3919.

I look forward to helping you make the most of a trip to India!   It is an amazing place!!